A cozy gamer Twitch streamer that aims to make her streams fun, safe, and accessible.


Anindya Kartika


Logo, Branding Package, Avatar, Background


Dec 2022 - Jan 2023 | 1 month

MeezeePop, formerly known as PrincessMeezee, is an internet personality on Twitch who chats and streams gameplay. She wanted to broaden her content to include music and other types of content, while showcasing new aspects of herself. With an already vibrant and playful branding personality, she aimed to elevate it further with new illustrations and higher contrast, making a bold comeback.

This is MeezeePop's trailer/reel encapsulating her personality and past streams.

It's MeezeePop!

Not JPop or Kpop.

Anindya has been streaming on Twitch for several years and has built a significant community around her cozy streaming. She has a dedicated Discord community and a following on the streaming service.

To align with the changing seasons and the new year, she felt it was appropriate to expand the variety of content she streams and makes available to her audience. As a result, her close-knit safe space needed a fresh new look.

This was the moodboard created by Kartika as provided to me.

The desire to expand was clear as she had outgrown the “princess” name. Her audience however was still pretty attached to the “PPG” iconography and its overall meaning. In turn it evolved from “Princess Party Gang” to “Party Pop Gang”.

To show a reminiscent aspect of the original icon, I came up with various iterations with new sparkles to give it some “Meezee Magic”. A new avatar was also desired as she her brand involves her iconic neon yellow hair.

These are some of the sketches done in Procreate for the PPG logo.
This was one of the iterations for MeezeePop's avatar.

Online Powerhouse

Kartika's got a pretty steady workflow already.

Kartika already has a sort of workflow in place, and it was important to acknowledge that. It was important to consider that when making changes that were accessible to her while still giving her the drastic change wanted. How do I work with the mood board given and still provide the flexibility for her to make adjustments as needed?

Working with her existing tools meant understanding that aspect and being able to work with constraints. In many ways her know-how aided in restricting what I could or couldn’t propose. This led to the selection of fonts available on both platforms while also consider general accessibility guidelines based on WCAG 2.0 as a digital creator.

Final Deliverables

This is the branding style guide for Meezeepop.
This is a pink and orchid color variation for the wordmark.
This was MeezeePop's final avatar look.
Here is the background featured in her banner.
This is the new PPG logo.
This image shows a screenshot of the new Twitch page after rebranding.
This gif shows a MeezeePop post-rebrand stream.
This gif shows a MeezeePop post-rebrand stream, using Nunito in the chat messages.

Lessons Learned

My second client project proved that there's still so much to learn.
  • Do not introduce the client to too many tools, as not to confuse them.
  • I should be realistic with my scope on a paid project.

Despite facing challenges and uncertainties throughout the project, the professional relationship with the client was maintained through frequent communication. While last-minute changes and negotiations did occur, they were handled effectively to ensure a smooth transition in delivering the key components of the project.

One of the primary goals was to pivot MeezeePop's brand while preserving the fun and energetic elements from her previous branding. The result was a vibrant and playful aesthetic that captured the essence of MeezeePop's Twitch streams. This project served as a wonderful learning opportunity, and I am grateful for the chance to support Kartika’s brand beyond viewership.

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