Love To See It

A podcast about all things bachelor and romance reality tv shows with Emma Gray and Claire Fallon.


Emma Gray & Claire Fallon


Podcast cover, banner, Social Media graphics, Branding Package


May 2021 - Jun 2021 | 1 month

Love To See It is a podcast where Emma Gray & Claire Fallon talk about romance reality TV shows, but also a place where they blog about it on their Substack. The duo had an idea of how they wanted their graphics to be playful and vibrant. They provided a mood board, and based on that, I created a flexible branding system that can grow with them. They have since used the branding across social media posts and across other aspects of their branding beyond this project’s scope.

Great Start

This is some text inside of a div block.

From our initial meeting, I received a mood board consisting of 20-30 images. I carefully analyzed the images to identify the ones that aligned with my capabilities and expertise. Based on the common colors and vibes of the selected images, I swiftly generated a concise style tile, which served as a solid foundation for our design direction.

Formerly the duo were known as “Here to Make Friends” but it seemed most likely moving towards “Love to See It”, which was a big reason for changing up their previous palette and branding direction.

These are some of the images provided in their mood board.
This was the style tile set I created upon reviewing their original mood board and they loved the direction.

I could see right away that the branding needed to be as vibrant and exciting as Valentine's Day itself. So, I decided to sprinkle in some more purple, giving it a fun and feminine flavor that perfectly matched the playful and casual nature of their conversation topics.

Authenticity > Perfection

Some iterations had looked static.

Upon going through the rounds, there was a clear interest in having illustrative elements. Basically, the question is how do we elevate the branding past fun typography, bright colors, and beautiful portraiture of the two leading ladies?

With hand-drawn brush strokes made in Fresco, doodling proved to be the solution. This further continued the theme of chatting about the show in a very organic and easy way — while maintaining a clear focus on the show’s hosts and their thoughts.

This was an example of a previous version where I started to combine the emojis with the doodles.
This was an example of a previous version in which I added textures with the paper-like cut-out.

Final Deliverables

This is the final podcast cover of "Love to See It".
This is the branding guide of "Love to See It".
This is the duo's Instagram page.
This shows their podcast landing page on Apple Podcasts.
This shows their podcast landing page on Spotify.
This was an iteration of their banner that was available for use.
This is a post based off one of the templates I created.
This is a post based off one of the templates I created.
This is a post based off one of the templates I created.


In 2022, the duo reached out again.

The duo had reached out again to confirm the doodle assets, since it turned out they were able to scale the branding for short-form content.

This gif shows how they used the doodles in tandem with their current Canva skills.
This gif shows how they used the doodles and changed the sizing for different video formats.

Lessons Learned

There were lots to learn, as I had amazing clients for the very first client project I've ever had.
  • Consistent communication leads to real progress and meaningful client workflows.
  • Future-proofing is important as clients continue to grow their own brand and expand in any direction.

It was a challenging task to balance work and personal life, but I was fortunate to have Emma and Claire, who had already done a significant amount of preparation and were always enthusiastic. Since they were also freelancers, they understood the importance of clear and intentional communication through emails, which gave me a positive perspective on client work like this.

I acknowledge that it's not perfect, but I'm pleased that Emma and Claire were able to make it their own and expand on it across their other social and commentary channels. Special thanks to Justin Liu & Jessica Lam for referring me to Emma Gray & Claire Fallon.

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